Installing Lanamark Snap in Offline Mode

During installation, Lanamark Snap automatically attempts to establish a network connection to Lanamark One. If Internet connectivity is not present, the following screen is displayed, with an option to Enable Offline Mode:

Uploading snapshots for analysis

If Lanamark Snap is installed in Offline Mode, please follow these steps to upload snapshots for analysis.

  1. Ask the customer to export a snapshot using the Export button in the Lanamark Snap console.

   2. Login to Lanamark One
   3. Navigate to the Data Feeds under the engagement
   4. Click Upload Data

5. Specify the Data feed name and select the snapshot file:

6. Wait for the snapshot to be imported; this may take up to 24 hours depending on the size of the IT environment and the length of time it was profiled.


  1. Snapshot uploads have to be performed once per week.
  2. Only snapshot files corresponding to the current engagement will be accepted.
  3. Data should be collected using Lanamark Snap for one week before a snapshot is exported and uploaded.
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