Antivirus and security products may 

  • Misclassify Lanamark Explorer and Lanamark Snap data collectors as riskware, viruses or Trojans. These reports should be treated as false positives.
  • Prevent installation or execution of the data collectors because corresponding files are automatically deleted or quarantined. 

Companies such as Symantec use fingerprint databases and employ aggressive heuristics, which may classify software packages as suspicious if they are not observed frequently enough.

Lanamark Explorer and Lanamark Snap installers embed unique engagement information preventing installation files from having stable fingerprints. Data collection also requires the use of networking capabilities and this may trigger additional heuristics.

Each data collector is digitally signed to prevent tampering. If a digital signature is intact you can override antivirus results and proceed with the installation. You may also report false positives to the antivirus company.

Here is a list of common antivirus products with links to whitelist installation files:

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