Lanamark Explorer and Lanamark Snap do not deploy agents to avoid increasing the attack surface on target systems as a result of data collection.


Passwords entered into the Lanamark Explorer and Lanamark Snap are encrypted using AES-256 and are never displayed in plaintext or transmitted externally.

Cloud Infrastructure

Lanamark One is hosted in the Canada Central (Toronto) region on Microsoft Azure, which provides extensive security capabilities. Lanamark does not operate its own data centers or use physical infrastructure since August 2016.

Data Synchronization

Lanamark Explorer and Lanamark Snap take inventory and performance data snapshots of target systems and upload them securely over HTTPS (port 443) to Lanamark.

Digital Signatures

Lanamark Explorer and Lanamark Snap are digitally signed to prevent tampering with embedded scripts and software assemblies.

Data Storage

Inventory and performance data is stored on encrypted storage infrastructure. Each Lanamark Explorer and Lanamark Snap is tagged with a unique ID so that it only uploads data to a specific client engagement visible only to the engagement team working with the client.

Data Collected

Lanamark One data collectors capture performance and inventory metrics for applications, services, processes, workloads, desktops, servers, storage arrays, network devices and other systems. It does not inspect or collect data stored on the actual endpoints. This is outlined in the End User License Agreement (EULA) of each Lanamark One data collector.

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