Lanamark Explorer collects data from guest operating systems to ensure that it can profile not only compute resource consumption (compute workloads) but also disk volumes (storage workloads), which may or may not be mounted through the virtualization platform. For instance, some workloads may use iSCSI initiators and bypass the underlying virtualization layer altogether.

To help you discover virtual machines, point Lanamark Explorer at Microsoft Hyper-V hosts.
Note: Current version of Lanamark Explorer supports only standalone Hyper-V hosts. If Hyper-V host is in Microsoft Failover Cluster or a part of a SCVMM, add VMs to the console separately (for more information refer to Discovery methods
kb article).

Microsoft Hyper-V

Specify IPs or hostnames for Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine hosts in the Discover Individual Machines dialog and Microsoft Windows credentials in the Credential Manager.

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