Lanamark Explorer is a light-weight, agent-less data collector that discovers and profiles server workloads across physical and virtual infrastructure from a single, dedicated Microsoft Windows Server machine. Daily snapshots of workload metrics are securely transmitted to Lanamark One so that Lanamark partners can perform analysis and reporting and use compute and workload metrics for designing cloud, converged and storage infrastructure solutions that deliver the best price-for-performance.

Data Collection Overview

Lanamark Explorer queries server workloads specified during discovery by the client representative at 5-minute intervals. Data collection may continue for up to 60 days if additional workloads need to be profiled. It is highly recommended that all workloads be discovered at the beginning of the assessment to avoid delaying analysis, reporting and solution design.

Inventory and performance data is transmitted to Lanamark One daily, allowing the systems engineer who created the client engagement to analyze server workloads, generate a workload assessment report and commence solution modeling. The information in this report is then used for designing optimal cloud, converged and storage infrastructure solutions based on measured workload resource demands. 


1. Install Lanamark Explorer

Download the Lanamark Explorer and install it on a dedicated physical or virtual machine meeting system requirements.

2. Specify Credentials

Specify global credentials for target systems using the Credential Manager. Use Domain Admin credentials for Microsoft Windows machines and root / sudo account for Linux machines.

3. Discover Machines

If the list of target machines is known, then it can be imported from a .csv file via the Individual Machines discovery method. Usernames and passwords can be omitted unless they are custom. If the list of target machines is not known,exploratory discovery can be performed via Active Director, Domain Name, IPrange / subnet. 

4. Synchronize Snapshots

Server workload metrics are automatically and securely transmitted to Lanamark on a daily basis for thirty (30) days. Afterwards, snapshot uploads can be manually forced for up to sixty (60) days.

Credentials are encrypted when they are entered into the collection tool and are never transmitted by the Lanamark Explorer.

5. Review Report

A systems engineer will analyze profiled workloads and review the Datacenter Assessment Report with the client while commencing cloud, converged or storage infrastructure design.

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